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Pad Sites

Pad sites are vital to the structure and foundation of your home or business. The foundation is the most important part of ensuring the stability of a new building. This is why it is vital to choose the best dirt work company to help ensure that your foundation is as solid as they come. Wes’s Dirt Works in Lubbock, Texas, offers the best pad site construction across the South Plains. Before you start the construction process on your residential or commercial property, there is an important process of constructing your pad site.

A pad site is a compacted earth pad that is made with proper grading and leveling so your home’s construction is formed on solid, level ground with proper drainage. When you have the best possible grade for your pad site, construction is made much easier. This requires lots of dirt work to ensure that your site has just the right amount of moisture. Too much or too little leads to a lower quality grade and therefore a less stable foundation. Our pad site construction includes:

  • Grading Services
  • Light Demolition
  • Land Clearing
  • Excavation
  • Dirt Work, ncluding Dirt Removal & Off Hauling

Road and Driveway Grading

In addition to pad site construction services, Wes’s Dirt Work in Lubbock also provides road and driveway grading services. To give you the best road or driveway possible as well as the road you want, we have a variety of materials. Your driveway, road, or pad site can be compacted or uncompacted, crushed asphalt, rock, crushed concrete, and caliche. Our road and driveway grading services range from leveling dirt roads; creating asphalt, crushed asphalt, rock, caliche, or crushed concrete roads; assisting with road or driveway maintenance; and regrading roads and driveways where needed. We can help to construct or resurface the level of the ground to ensure a smooth and level road and driveways. Wes’s Dirt Works can help you achieve the desired level and shape for your road or driveway construction. We offer the best road and driveway grading as well as pad site construction in Lubbock and its surrounding areas. Get in touch with us today to book our services!

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