Dump Trucks & Backhoes

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Excavation and Backhoe Services

From digging ponds to septic repair and installation, Wes’s Dirt Works offers excavator services in Lubbock and its surrounding areas. When it comes to using a backhoe, you want to ensure that your work is handled by a professional. Using an experienced backhoe operator helps to make sure that your project is completed thoroughly and efficiently and that all work is done correctly. Excavation and backhoe projects can run the gamut on what they involve, and you want to make sure that your job is completed without any unforeseen complications, like hitting a pipe. Wes’s Dirt Work in Lubbock, Texas, provides expert excavator services.

Wes’s Dirt Works’ backhoe excavation work includes digging ponds and pools, trenches, and land clearing as well as septic install and repair. We are licensed to complete eligible septic installs and repairs in Lubbock and its surrounding areas.

Dump Truck and Off Hauling Services

Throughout the course of a project, you may find that you need someone to clear off materials, off haul rocks and dirt, or remove trash or discarded materials from a job site. Wes’s Dirt Works in Lubbock offers dump truck services in and around the area to help you with your off hauling or transportation needs. We work hard to provide you with the best dump truck services in Lubbock and its surrounding communities. In addition to providing off hauling services from site to site, Wes’s Dirt Works can also provide transportation of materials for pad site construction and driveway and road construction, such as gravel, caliche, dirt, crushed asphalt, crushed concrete, and more. Our goal is always to provide the best dump truck services and transportation of materials around. To learn more about our dump truck services or to make an inquiry about using our dump truck services, please get in touch with us today.